AutoViewer – a New Image Viewing Application

AutoViewer is yet another Flash image viewing application. AutoViewer is designed to display a linear sequence of images and captions, and also includes an auto-play feature (hence the name). It’s free to use – click to download and for instructions on how to use.

AutoViewer was built to be part of Dane Howard’s narrative template collection. This is a great set of free, downloadable templates to display your images. He’s also accepting contributers, so if you have an interesting way to display images, let him know.

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  2. […] their products and blog, I think these apps are pretty cool! Postcard Viewer Simple Viewer Auto Viewer This entry was posted on Saturday, March 11th, […]

  3. Hi!

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  6. wondering says:

    Is it possible to pull images out of flicr to use with Autoviewer?

  7. Pitichat says:

    Congratulation for your work.

    A remark though, can’t you add the support off accentuated characters in AutoViwer ? I’m using Picassa2 and all accentuated characters from caption are missing in AutoViewer…

    Best regards,

  8. Peta says:

    I like so much this application. ^^

    Just one remark, when I try to add the 100th ( and more ). The page couldn’t be loaded as it’s too heavy, Flash player ask me to abort the script

    For a small album, it’s great! 🙂

  9. The Net Stalker says:

    Dear Felix,

    Your creations for the photo galleries are utterly amazing. I look forward to your commercial version. Keep up the GREAT work. Take care.

    The Net Stalker

  10. Felix says:

    Pitichat – I’ve added some accented characters to AutoViewer. Unfortunately, because the font is embedded, the swf cannot support all characters without making the swf size very large.

    Peta – Yes, with 100 images, AutoViewer will run very slowly. This is because all images are loaded into memory simultaneously. AutoViewer works best with less than 30 images.

  11. Ricardo says:

    ** TAGS disappeared from my previous comment, making it difficult to understand. Re-posting.. **

    Felix: Beautiful app. Works like a charm, and is an elegant complement to Simpleviewer. May I make a few suggestions for improvement:

    1) Force the Play button to be visible on load. Currently, when Autoplayer loads, I don’t see any buttons. So after viewing the picture, my first reaction is to move the mouse right, where I see the Next button. If I click and then leave the mouse there, I may never see the Play button, so I may miss out on Autoplayer’s coolness.

    2) Accented chars for non-English audiences

    3) No caption should show no caption, not “undefined”. I mean, support no caption, whether that means putting nothing between tags, or simply omitting the tags entirely.

    4) Autoscale captions. I would like to use Autoplayer as a smaller object within an HTML narrative. But when I make the flash object smaller, the captions still show up in the same size, so they are too big.

    5) Make the xml filename a parameter. This so you can run several autoplayers in the same directory. For example,

    6) Don’t require and tags. Autoplayer could compute and use the actual image size if these are not provided, or resize the image as needed if provided.

    again, fantastic work Felix. thanks -Ricardo

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  14. FFXI says:

    Yep, nice app ! I have just one request: Do something for people like me that speek french, with a lot of accuated characters ! I’ve made a little galery there :
    And no accent are available ! Ok, texts are also in html just on the left, but that’s not very serious if it only possible to write somethings in english wiht this app… Have you put this in your actions script : “System.useCodepage = true” ? ok, i think you are better than me for coding.. Thanks 🙂

  15. Jonas says:

    Brilliant image viewer! thanks a lot. What I would love to see though is an option to save each image as jpg.

  16. oneiros says:

    Wow; another stunning image viewer from Airtight! Personally, I still prefer PostcardViewer but this is still a great piece of work; elegant, simplistic, and best of all, free. Thanks a million Felix.

    PS: Any chance of adding the caption functionality to PostcardViewer?

  17. Miguel says:

    Thanks a lot for your work!
    I used this software for my blog! And, obviously, I’ve spoked about you in my pages ..
    Thank you very much!!!

  18. Colby Rivers says:

    Great new viewer Felix. Simple, elegant and easy to administrate. Font sizes though are too big on the captions and don’t seem easily editable, which is a bit of a draw back. The drop shadow is good though. Helps to make the captions readable on most pictures, regardless of the color of the photo area underneath the captions.

    You should also be able to return to the first picture without scrolling back through the whole gallery when you reach the last picture in the gallery.

    I assume though the above issues will be addressed in the paid version and other future releases so looking forward.

    As a paid user of the Simple Viewer source code, people should know though that my experience has been that Felix most often does not reply to any e-mails from paid users with support related questions. So buy it, and you are basically on your own.

  19. Salva says:


    I’m using your beautiful AutoViewer in my website ( but there is a problem that you should correct. I’m loading autoviewer in an IFRAME and if someone press the link DOWNLOAD autoviewer your webpage is open in my 540 x 400 non-resizable IFRAME, which is not really good for no one.

    Check it out.

  20. kurt says:

    As always, I appreciate your beautiful work!

  21. Great viewer! Will you be making it iPhoto compatible? Or will there be a export plugin in the future?

    Awesome job,


  22. Stéphane says:

    Doesn’t work with Internet Explorer !?
    does somebody notice that ? shall I change something in the code ?
    Great tool anyway !

  23. Joshua says:

    Hi great work! What language is the one used in the example page? Is it latin? Thanks

  24. Ricardo says:

    For some strange reason it does not work for a friend of mine on IE on MS Windows Home Edition. When he goes to the link, he sees the first image, the captions, and the buttons. But clicking on the buttons does not work. Also, right-clicking does not bring up the Flash Player 8 context menu. Very strange – it works perfectly for me in both IE and Firefox (I’m on Win XP Professional).

  25. Ricardo says:

    To my previous comment – we’ve narrowed it down – it appears that the image pre-loading isn’t working for my friend. When he first loads the page, he is unable to access any of the Flash buttons. If he waits until all images are loaded, everything works as expected.

    I’m unsure if this is a problem with his local setup, or if his version of Flash doesn’t support the image pre-loading?

  26. Marcia says:

    I am having the same problem with IE on XP Home Edition. When I view the demos on this website, it works fine in IE, however, if I right click the demo link and copy the shortcut, paste in a new IE window, I have problems again. Everything appears just fine, just no navigation available…. never see the pointer. Any Suggestions?

  27. Neville says:

    I am a mac osx user 10.3.9 (panther) I have been using your swf image apps for over a year but since the new flash 8 has come out none of them seem to want to work for me and my macs. I can view certain elements of your apps on a PC but it would be cool to understand why the new flash player refuses to work on my computers now. Did I miss something, am I doing something wrong? I really like them and would love to have them work again soon.
    Nev 🙂

  28. Ricardo says:

    If you press Play and the image has not yet pre-loaded, Autoviewer will nonetheless move on to the next. If that image has not yet finished loading either, Autoviewer will continue to move on to the next.

    Suggestion: when in Play mode, have Autoviewer request the current image (if not already pre-loaded), and wait for it to be fully displayed before moving on. This is more consistent with Simpleviewer (if you request an image that has not yet been pre-loaded, Simpleviewer requests that image immediately and displays it). Of course this means the slideshow would be slower for people with really bad bandwidths, but there seems little point in advancing if the image is not visible.

  29. Daniel says:

    What is the correct code for loading viewer.swf into the main.swf?

  30. Kuntal Daftary says:

    This is definitely a great photo viewer. I have been working on my photo website using simpleviewer for some time now, and now when I look at the autoviewer demo, it looks just the thing I was looking for.

    However, there is one thing that I really admired about simpleviewer and drastically miss – which is the ability to specify my own xmlDataPath – which allowed me to dynamically generate the set of photos to display. And also generate the captions for each photo dynamically (by pulling it directly out of XMP metadata within the image). Can this be added to autoviewer ?

    Another request is would be to not pre-load ALL the images in the background but just the next one or two images. With simpleviewer, I could understand the need to pre-load everything since the user could access any image in random order. But with autoviewer, since the user only has sequential access to the images, a huge amount of bandwidth can be saved by preloading just the next one or two images. Not to mention that autoviewer will scale to a really high number of images! Would this be something you would consider?


  31. Jean-Marc says:

    Hi there,
    Great stuff really. Il just discovered all three of them recently, as I was looking for some neat features for a new photo website.
    My problem with ‘Autoviewer’ is the display of caption and image counter right in the picture . I worked around the caption by specifying an empty caption in the xml template, but I can’t get rid of the counter at the top/right side. Also the title in the first image !!!
    Any suggestion ? please feedback !

    Thx for all this, sincerely !

  32. Frederik says:

    Hey there..

    Did anyone get the exact reason why the aotuviewer malfunctioned in IE windows Home edition?
    Was it just to wait until the loading had finished?
    Caus’ I’m getting some tiresome feedback from IE users… 🙁
    BTW – still liking the autoviewers a lot though!

    Cheers eveyone

  33. oscar says:

    This is a wonderful swf that adds lively mood to my homepage. However, I still cannot make Chinese characters be shown in autoviewer. I have tried change the encoding=’UTF-8′ in the gallerydata.xml file to encoding=’Big5′ or encoding=’zh-TW’ but the chinese characters in the description are still missing. Please let me know whether there are methods to deal with it?

  34. Felix says:


    if you questions about AutoViewer please post them in the AutoViewer section of the forum:


  35. What is the correct code for loading viewer.swf into the main.swf

  36. Spligosh says:

    What a wonderful photo viewer and so easy to use with Picasa – absolutely brilliant.

    One small addition which would be useful is a ‘back’ button on the page.

  37. sylvainman says:

    thanks a lot for this app. i like it a lot.
    but how could i do to have images in a random order ?
    thanks !

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  39. LB says:

    Thanks for this best flash galery… But it is possible to block the right button of the mouse ???? It’s very impotrant for me ….

  40. Stephan says:

    AutoViewer is as fine as SimpleViewer. I integrated both into my website and both add a touch of class to my humble photo displays. Thanks a lot.

  41. Pitichat says:

    Thanks for the accented characters to AutoViewer. Even if they are not all suported, the common ones are. Thanks again.


  42. Mau says:

    How can i put accent or ñ in autoviewer?

    Thanks in advance

  43. ablos says:

    Thanks for this superb viewer!

    using it here;

  44. Donnie W says:

    My website get stuck
    yes i did galleries of more than 100 picture but they get stuck

  45. gustavo says:

    How to put more than 7 photos in my autoviewer?

  46. Birgitta says:

    Hey Felix,
    I’ve been stumbling over your viewer-templates a couple of times now, it’s really cool how people all around the world seem to be using them. The last spots were a hair cutter in Nuremberg, where I live now, and just now the picture gallery of a bed and breakfast in Panama City, where I plan on going in September.
    Nice to see you around like that now and then 🙂
    Greetings from Germany,

  47. vinod kumar says:

    Hi Sir,

    i m looking a gallery like this for more days ..i liked this gallery…..but 1 thing is that 1st image loaded in the center of the gallery……….

    Can we load 1st image with the left align…….

    1st loaded in left .


  48. chris l. says:

    I will be using the newer photoshop autoviewer for my website, and i was wondering how do you take off those image names off the viewer, for example “a1.jpg, and a2.jpg…etc”

  49. finepool says:

    I agree. That is very interesting for using in marketing departments and for marketer as well.

  50. Allin says:

    I just bought the pro version for someone else. I must say that I find the necessity of downloading Flash (5 and a half hours on my home broadband) just to change some variables shows a serious lack of consideration for the end user. I paid 45 bucks for this because I don’t want to learn Flash. Why is it required to edit actionscript files and republish the swf for variables that could be easily passed as flash variables in the html file or via the gallery.xml file?

    The free version is great for what it is but the Pro offering leaves a lot to be desired in terms of ease of configuration and available options.

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