SimpleViewer / Flickr integration via FlickrViewer

[UPDATE: SimpleViewer v2.0 has direct Flickr Integration built in]

Over time, I’ve had lots of requests from SimpleViewer users for a way to load their Flickr images. Due to my schedule I haven’t had time to build this and I was hoping that someone else would be able to help out.

[UPDATE: FlickrViewer is now hosted here]

Finally Mark Sweeting has come to the rescue with the fantastic FlickrViewe. FlickrViewer allows you view a selected Flickr photo set using SimpleViewer. The gallery data XML is generated dynamically while images and thumbnails are loaded from Flickr’s servers. This means you can add images to your SimpleViewer gallery just by uploading images to your Flickr photo set.

FlickrViewer requires a PHP enabled web server and a Flickr API key (you can get one instantly here). It’s still in beta and needs some testing. So if you have been wanting this feature, try it out and give Mark some feedback.

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  1. Savvas says:

    Thanks men.It looks fantastic..I’ll try it tomorrow morning.
    Greetings form Athens Greece!

  2. stchatterbox says:

    That’ll be more lovely and “space” saving as all pictures are hosted at Flickr.

  3. Fizik says:

    Ha — brilliant — I was just about to start making that exact feature myself…using the xml data etc….. thought about it awhile ago and decided it would be useful for some galleries I wanted to put up this week…….
    very c00l news when I revisted the Airtight newspage… 🙂 thanks

  4. Bramick says:

    Nice. I’ve been waiting for this for a while now. 🙂 It’s working great.

  5. Andor says:

    This is the solution I’ve been looking for and for some time now. Thanks!!

  6. Katalog says:

    Thank you for your article very interesting and the presentation.
    But what disposes me not it is « SimpleViewer requires Macromedium Flash. Get Macromedia Flash. Yew tree you have installed Flash, click to view gallery » we is made to charge.
    thanks again.

  7. Min Thu says:

    That’s an absolutely cool Flickr App!

  8. jose Barroso says:

    Fantastic, greats, thanks men,…cool

  9. Biswa says:

    Thinks, Great…..

  10. darragh says:

    please please can we get the source back up and working?? this is exactly what I am after

    Many thanks!

  11. df says:

    It doesn’t work on 90% of hosted servers

  12. bw says:

    There is a fix for the curl issue getting the Flickr XML info, it is based on the goold ole’ HTTP get methods – I will cut it out of my flickrviewer.php file and post if I can.

    I would like to be able to get the Flickr photo description rather than just the title.

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