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There is so much great stuff on Ffffound that you can easily spend all day there browsing images. Ffffound is a fantastically well designed image bookmarking site by tha ltd, the brain child of famed Japanese Flash master Yugop. Ffffound has wisely chosen to keep membership by invite only in order to keep up the quality of the submissions. Which is great unless you don’t have an invite.

Vi.sualize.us is a good alternative for the rest of us, despite have one of the worst URLs ever (try remembering it). It’s a nice and responsive web app that makes image bookmarking a one-click operation (especially via their Firefox plug-in). Until now I’ve bookmarked web images by dragging them to my desktop, but that’s so 2004. In my quest to push all my personal data into the cloud, I’m now uploading all my image bookmarks.

Another source of cool images is the new tumblr image blogs that are popping up recently such as this isn’t happiness and arts and crafts. These image blogs mainly showcase found web imagery of the cool and/or retro variety. Subscribing to the feeds ensures great quality images interspersed among your daily news stories.

11 Responses

  1. Martin says:

    They also have http://visualizeus.com which is easier to remember 😉

  2. ryan says:

    i’m in love with tumblr… its just so easy to get going….

  3. Emilio says:

    Visualizeus it’s quite cool, but I’m still craving for a FFFFound invite 🙁

  4. mo says:

    so am i, been looking one forever, the quality of the images tagged are a lot better than the alternatives, also the fact that its so hard to get an account makes me want it more.

    but i found a way around ffffound to make browsing it a lot easier with ‘cooliris’ to browse ffffound images quickly. the only thing is that its all random and still cant search.

  5. Stefan says:

    A image site that actually as a site design and more odd collection is Buamai:


  6. GMB says:

    If you like FFFFound and like searching through the older archives, check this random page searcher for FFFFound.


    Enjoy fellow FFFFounders.

  7. Domi says:

    Its 2020 and im still sad ffffound is gone. -.-

  8. ffff says:

    Still finding an alternative in 2020

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