YouTube Overload

youtube demo

What’s better than a YouTube video? Sixteen YouTube videos – in 3D! 🙂

This is a for-fun, proof-of-concept demo loading in multiple instances of the new YouTube chromeless player and displaying them with Flash 10’s native 3D . Warning – this demo will probably run at a crawl and may crash your browser.

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  1. TJ Downes says:

    I was actually expecting worse. Nice job! I never dropped below 19fps.

  2. jose says:


  3. Felix Turner says:

    @TJ – yeah the frame rate is surprisingly good in some cases. On my box it’s variable. Right now it’s around 25, last night it was around 4. I’m guessing it depends on what other processes are running and maybe how recently you restarted your browser?

  4. Josh says:

    Woooo! 3-6 FPS for me. Cool idea, though.

  5. ryan says:

    Killer! Good work.

  6. nice in a mad “flash” professor kind of way!
    love how you hear the mish-mash of all videos. feels like when rolled over one of the thumbs all the other videos’ volumes should fade down to 10 and the rolled over vid staying at 100. getting ~10fps once all videos loaded in.

  7. Janus says:

    Great. But would be nice if the videos didn’t started automatically?

  8. Devin says:

    wow, now I can watch 16 Boxxy vids at once!!! You’re the man!!!!

  9. zproxy says:

    Hi Felix!

    I am developing a C# to flash compiler project at

    Would you care to share the source of this example so I could port it to C# and post it as an example of awesomeness of flash? 🙂

    One example which already uses such API can be seen here just to gain your interest:



  10. Pixelharmony says:

    Very cool work here! Runs 30 FPS on my system without a hang. I am looking forward to the next release (hopefully with more functions.

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