Three.js Experiment – Cube Explosion

Had a chance to play with Mr.Doob‘s excellent JavaScript 3D library three.js today and came up with this. Resize your browser down and Refresh to increase performance. Grab the code via ‘View Source…’.

I’m getting ~54 FPS on Chrome, ~43 FPS on Safari and ~30 FPS on FireFox. The iPad gives a sad 7 FPS. To run on IE you will need the Google Chrome Frame Plugin.

There’s definitely a lot of potential in this library.

3 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    Interesting stuff. Even on 1024×7689 it jitters (on a very good computer). So I hope they make some improvements because Flash is currently much smoother.

  2. Robin P says:

    Yes it’s interesting because the 3D is more and more used in the internet : in Flash or HTML5 !
    Tomorrow, we will need a Quad Core 6Ghz CPU to naviguate on the web =/ !

  3. Mr.doob says:

    Oh, I missed this one… cool! 🙂

    We’ve to deal with these zsorting issues unfortunately, but should be a good warm up until WebGL gets here… I just hope the API still makes sense for WebGL. I hate having to change the API all the time…

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