Simple Image Search

Better Image Search

Simple Image Search is an better way of searching for images on the web.

Simple Image Search gets search data from Yahoo! Thanks to the Yahoo! Developer Network for their fantastic Search API.

NOTE: Due to Yahoo shutting down their Image Search API - this application no longer works. At some point in the future I may port it to use a different image search API. Sorry!

Why is it better?

  • One-page interface - less scrolling and clicking 'Back' in the browser.
  • Pre-fetching of multiple images - saves time. As each thumbnail is displayed, the full-size image is loaded in the background.
  • Dead image links are flagged - avoids fruitless clicking.
  • Easy thumbnail navigation - use mouse, mouse scrollwheel or keyboard (arrow keys, Home, End, Page Up, Page Down).
  • Simplified interface - removes unnecessary informational clutter.

System requirements

  • Flash 8 player. Flash 8 has the ability to load progressive-JPGs, the format used by the majority of images on the web .
  • Fast Internet Connection. Simple Image Search is designed for broadband connections, to allow for fast image loading.
  • Decent amount of RAM. Simple Image Search loads multiple images simultaneously into memory and can be quite intensive in RAM usage.

Features in Development

  • Set thumbnail size via slider.
  • Image smoothing.
  • Auto-update from Flash 7 to Flash 8.
  • Bug Fixes.