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For the last year and a half I’ve been working at Brightcove, helping build out their Flash front-end. Last week I got to add fullscreen functionality to the video player – before youTube, google video etc :). Fullscreen mode is accessible via the full-screen button or by right click. Check out an example below.

It was fairly straight-forward to implement following the documentation. One thing to note is that keyboard input is disabled in fullscreen mode due to security restrictions, which means we had disable the video overlay menu functionality. Since fullscreen mode requires at least Flash v9.0.18, users with earlier versions are prompted to upgrade in the SWF via express install.

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  1. Full-Screen Demos für Flash Player 9…

    Mittlerweile gibt es einige Beispiele zum Thema Flashvideo im Full-Screen-Modus. Auf der Demo-Seite des Adobe Labs finden sich auch Video-Beispiele in HD-Auflösung oder eine bildschirmfüllende Fotogalerie.

    Weitere Infos zum Thema “Full-Screen&…

  2. Step Schwarz says:

    Oh strange, I thought I left a comment yesterday but it seems to have vanished. Just wanted to say this is a really slick player. Perfect use of the new full screen capabilities in Flash Player 9. And I particularly love the fade-in behavior of the scrubber. Congrats! You definitely have the competition beat by a mile.

  3. Amy Robinson says:

    Beautiful video and completeting hilarious.

  4. ilya says:

    hey buddy, it’s funny – i come to ur site pretty often to see what you are up to. i’ve been using simpleviewer for a lot of my projects, its an awesome tool and just recently worked very closely with brightcove on the player for – good job on that and the full screen feature. the world is small 🙂

  5. efe says:

    you are handy..:-)

  6. some guy says:

    actually, YouTube and Google Video have had fullscreen for over a year.

  7. Administrator says:

    Google and YouTube had HTML windows that maximized, but not true flash fullscreen (without any browser chrome)

  8. Pavel Karas says:

    Hi, I need some professional help. I am using “Macromedia Flash Professional 8” and I would like it play my movies in it. I have iported my video and I have chosen “Progressive download from a web server” and I have chosen my Skin. After importing, there is the video. And I need to know what to do next. How can I make it play it in “.swf”?
    Could you help me by writing an email describing this? I would appreciate that.
    Have a nice day,

  9. Alarm says:

    very very great video player i like it

  10. gus swan says:

    Hi, we’re brightcove customers so this is exciting. getting very close to true internet television. combine this with h.264 coding and high bandwidth for the ultimate experience.

  11. Hunt says:

    I am working on a flash video player and have the fullscreen functionality working. However, when it goes full screen, my controls scale larger too. I want them to stay the same size but i want the scrubber to stretch across the screen the same way the video above and youtube videos do. Here is the link


  12. Hunt says:

    The video probably won’t show up for you but the stage will. Sorry I didn’t mention that.

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