OMG – they put Quake 2 in Flash!!

Scott Peterson has ported Quake 2 Quake to Flash 10 (second video down @ 4:50) via a C++ to AS3 converter. I actually missed this demo yesterday at MAX as I snuck out to the party early 🙂

With this, Buzzword and PhotoShop Express we are reaching the point where AS3 is powerful enough to handle just about anything short of the latest XBOX game.

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  1. […] I think I’ve gone on long enough to get my point over; we need a built in solution for upgrading users. Especially now that we have competition like Silverlight biting at Flash’s heals. And we know Microsoft won’t play fair. And as I recently found out, they are already pushing out FUD to people why they need to be using Silverlight. Please Adobe, act! What good is Quake II running in Flash if no once can view it for 12 months? […]

  2. Nek says:

    I thinks it’s Quake 1.

  3. Felix Turner says:

    Nek: oh yeah you are right. Corrected above.

  4. C’est quake 1 en effet. Flash nous promet de belle perspectives.

    Merci pour la vidéo

  5. ActionScript has major chops. In the spirit of porting cool apps from back in the day, I’ve been hacking Milkdrop in Flash. Milkdrop is the #1 music visualizer plugin for WinAmp, back before iTunes.

    The flash code reads “presets,” which are hand-written math equations and parameter sets. It compiles these on the fly then displays waveforms, shapes, and images using slick animation tricks and graphic meshes.

    See for a demo. The code reads from 100 different presets and plays Pink Floyd’s “Time” on a 12×12 mesh at 24fps.

  6. Ian says:

    “AS3 is powerful enough to handle just about anything short of the latest XBOX game.”

    Surely a game from the mid 90’s that didn’t need a graphics card is quite a long way short of an xbox game?

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