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I was recently brought into MySpace to consult on rebuilding their Video Player. The previous version was a bit long in the tooth and was proving difficult to update, so it was decided to re-code from scratch in AS3. I worked on the interaction design and prototyping as well as building out the new AS3 framework.

The new player features flash full-screen mode, a related videos menu, skinning support, ad support, localization support, HD video support, plus the usual sharing features. Kudos to the MySpaceTV team for knocking out a quality product in a short time-frame.

The Dark Knight in HD

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  1. MrSteel says:

    nice job… definitly better even if I am not myspace user I know how it was

    some rants 😉
    when you use volume control it is a little bit slow on performance, and breadcrumbs for menu of videos could look better

  2. Chris Norris says:

    Congrats! Much nicer than the old MySpace player. Two points of feedback:
    1) I read your feed in bloglines. The player showed up there and worked, but clicking the fullscreen button did nothing.
    2) After opening your page I couldn’t play the video until I navigated away from the player in bloglines.

    But it’s fantastic looking!

  3. ben says:

    Hi, nice player. I was wondering if there was an embed option/player option where you can leave the menu off??

  4. max says:

    menu shows up in Japanese because of my IP (i’m in Japan, but what if I want English menus?)

  5. Steve says:

    Just love it! I hated the old one as I could not scroll properly

  6. Nathaniel says:

    One feature that seems to have been removed for your version is the ability to shrink the video to original size if it was too small for the viewer window. YouTube also removed this feature, which pissed me off becomes sometimes a video is uploaded so low-res that you just have to shrink it down to make it not look horrible.

  7. Johnny says:

    Far better that the old one, but there ain’t no way to resize the player in fullscreen mode.

    Videos are so crappy some time, be able to make them smaller even in fullscreen mode would be nice, like with the middle mouse scroller. I did it with the JW Player and its nice.

  8. Mac says:

    i love it

  9. diego says:

    if you’re still working on it, i have a small suggestion:
    keyboard control (play/pause)



  10. nice work
    i just got some small dropouts on my sempron @ 1800 mhz.
    myspace badly needs some performance improvements
    most of the times one myspace page is decelerating my system by 80% and more
    therefore i am avoiding to go there
    with sometimes 10 or more instances of the flashplayer on one site
    which all seem to consume performance even when they are not active.
    the inactive instances should be stopped.
    only 1 instance can have the focus so this should be possible to improve.
    keep on flashing and benchmark everything

  11. richard bonilla says:

    i liked it when i could use it, now it just doesn’t play anything, it shows the myspace logo with the spinner around it but it never loads the video, this happens with any myspace video, even the one on this page.

  12. Friedrich says:

    We massively use the embed function for myspace videos and suffer a big problem with the new player design:

    It does not support small video window sizes (e.g. width 170px)! The old player supported small sizes.

    You can see the mess here (german site):

    I know that it might be not too smart too WATCH a video that small, but that is not the point: It is very usable to BROWSE videos, and if you want to, you can can click to enlarge.

    Does anybody has a solution to that problem?

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