SWFAddress Gotcha: Navigating Directly to a Deep Link Breaks Preloader

There is a known issue with SWFAddress 2.2: When navigating directly to a deep link, the preloader does not display or jumps straight to 100%. When using the ‘#’ symbol in the URL, the browser loads the main SWF twice which cause the preloader to break.

The fix is to use a mini pre-preloader as supplied in the SWFAddress samples (‘samples/cs3/c.fla’). The mini-loader is loaded twice but since it’s so small it doesn’t matter. I’m adding this information here since the issue is pretty buried in the SWFAddress forum.

[UPDATE] OK, another SWFAddress gotcha by virtue of obscurity: If your back button is not working, check you have specified the ‘id’ attribute in the swfobject.embedSWF() call. The ‘id’ attribute can be any string.

swfobject.embedSWF('c.swf?path=main.swf', 'flashContent', '100%', '100%', '9.0.45', null, {}, {}, {id: 'myId'});

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  1. Pickle says:

    Things like this is why I think sites have to be designed from day one with SWFAddress in mind. What you’re describing sounds like a hack answer to a problem with perhaps a more elegant solution.

  2. Felix Turner says:

    @Pickle – these are not hacks, these are just things you should be aware of when using SWFAddress.

  3. Pickle says:

    I realized I misread the post the first time. But still, I do not have this issue the way I have designed my sites.

  4. Rien says:


    I’m a bit confused:

    Do you mean: “Replace your own preloader movie by the c.swf preloader”?
    Or did you mean: “Let the c.swf preload your own preloader which then preloads your actual website”?

  5. Felix Turner says:

    @Rien – I mean the second one. I usually put my preloader into the main swf so then you just need c.swf and your main swf.

  6. Giorgio says:

    Hi Felix!

    I’m developing a flash website with swfaddress. Everything works fine, but when I paste a deep link of the site in my browser bar, the preloader is bypassed.

    I’ve downloaded the swfaddress 2.4 code, but when in index file I replace the website.swf with mywebsite.swf the only thing I see is a still picture of my preloader blocked on 100%… what am I missing?

    Thanks in advance

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