Fix for Flash Builder Content Assist 'did not complete normally'

One of the best features in Flash Builder is the content assist. Start typing a class name and hit Control+Space for the IDE to suggest a list of valid class names. As a bonus it will automatically import the specified class into your file. Unfortunately in Flash Builder Beta 2 this functionality is broken in some cases. Often you will get an error like this:

“Content Assist” did not complete normally. Please see the log for more information. java.lang.NullPointerException

I found a solution that worked for me here:

1) Quit FB
2) Delete this folder: .metadata\.plugins\com.adobe.flexbuilder.codemodel [in the top level of your workspace folder]
3) Restart FB

[UPDATE – this fix seems to be only temporary. Once I imported some new assets from an assets SWC into my project, the error re-appeared. Anyone got a long term fix?]

[UPDATE 2 – The quickest fix is to close and re-open the FB Project.]

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  1. Marcus says:

    Adobe has a fix but they won’t release the hotfix since FB4 is still in beta.

  2. meet andrew says:

    I too get this issue when I import new assets from a SWC or update a SWC. To avoid having to restart Eclipse or FB4 altogether, I right-click on the project I’m working on, go to properties, remove the folder that contains my swcs and re-add them. It’s a pain, but it’s faster doing that than quitting and restarting the IDE.

  3. Felix Turner says:

    @andrew – cool thanks for the tip.

  4. Ville says:

    I get this same error after I have updated my assets SWC and I have imported folder containing SWC. If I import just SWC, i don’t get this error.

    My fix to this is either import only SWC:s, not folders, or after updating SWC (when you have imported whole folder) move some item in “Build Path Libraries” list first up and then down. This forces Flash Builder to update references or something. Anyways, that solves the problem.

  5. Jing says:

    I think this is bug of Flash Builder and Adobe is working on it. For adding/updating SWC. I normally close the corresponding project and reopen it. It will save your time for closing FB to delete the codemode in plugin folder. Cheers“`

  6. Felix Turner says:

    @Jing – closing and re-opening the FB project seems to be the quickest fix. Thanks!

  7. Gucky says:

    Instead of restarting Flash Builder 4 Beta 2,
    I’m fixing this error by selecting my project in the package explorer and pressing F5. This updates the folder-structure and the new compiled SWC will be again available for code-completion.

  8. Scott says:

    I seem to get the error only if I have Flash CS4 opened concurrently. This is after I’ve deleted the ‘.metadata\.plugins\com.adobe.flexbuilder.codemodel’ folder. =/

  9. I have to admit this bug in the Flash Builder Beta is a bit frustrating for me too (obviously since I searched google for “flash builder content assist bug” and this is the first page to appear lol).

    Deleting the codemodel folder didn’t quite do it for me.

    What I’m seeing is that the content assist menu isn’t showing packages for the “flash” package (flash.display.* for instance). I’m using the latest SDK nightly build…

    ** update **

    Adobe actually announced a fix for this issue:

    The latest builds of SDK 4.0 have been updated in preparation for including playerglobal.swc for Flash Player 10.1. Flash Builder Beta 2 can not find playerglobal.swc due to the addition of the {targetPlayerMinorVersion} variable found in the flex-config.xml file.

    When using recent nightly SDKs with Flash Builder Beta 2, please modify them as follows:

    1) Rename the folder /frameworks/libs/player/10.0 to “10”

    2) Edit the file /frameworks/flex-config.xml and remove “.{targetPlayerMinorVersion}” and save

    When you restart Flash Builder, we will now find a correct location for playerglobal.swc, allowing for code hints and many other features to work properly.

    Jason San Jose
    Quality Engineer, Flash Builder

  10. micksatana says:

    you must find the code that reproduce this error.

    for my one, i delete custom classes that having same names but in different packages which i used to move them here and there in my package explorer.

    somehow it caused the error.

    the permanent solution to my case is.. i delete both of the files and search for the file name in my workspace and delete all linked to those problematic files.

    And then delete .metadata folder inside the workspace. Restart the Flash Builder.

    Work like a charm 🙂

  11. John Smith says:

    Still exists in FB4 as of July 2011. Come on Adobe…

  12. benraay says:

    I solved the problem removing .svn files and folder inside project, it seems FB 4.7 does not accept this files

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